Lilly and Caris Apprentice Q&A

The main reason you chose the apprenticeship route? 

Honestly the money! I feel that in college so many people pick engineering and it's very competitive, the classes are large, and hard to get a job at the end. I thought that with the apprenticeship route,  you have to gain employment before you start!  You’re earning a wage for something you actually want to do.  Our dad is an engineer and this has been aspirational to both of us – he has had an interesting and varied career and we are keen to follow in his footsteps.


How have you found studying at Seta? 

It’s really friendly and everyone in the group get along with each other – Caris and I are still 16 and everyone else in the group is older than us, they are helpful and supportive.  Groups have 12 people in and feels like a good number to be seen and heard, and we get the best support from our tutors, which we probably wouldn’t if we were in a larger class


What does your day to day look like? 

It is very structured, we are busy all day long.  We clock in at 8 and out again at 4 – punctuality is instilled from day one, as are all working life skills, such as teamwork and respect.  We are on the shop floor every day, working on practical tasks and we also spend one day in the classroom where we complete our technical certificate – we use lots of maths skills.  Friends of ours are at college and seem to have lots of breaks and waiting in between lessons.  This doesn’t prepare you for working life, whereas Seta prepares you every day and challenges you constantly.


What are your long term career goals? 

The skills we have learned will enable us to travel to different countries.  The training will give us a career with endless opportunities, where we can make friends and memories for life!