Technical Support Technician

A 42 month programme.

Technical Support Technician

Technical Support Technicians, work as part of a team to provide technical support and expertise for all areas of the Engineering and Manufacturing function including communications software, test, analysis tools, measurement, offline programming, process control, performance and continuous improvement solutions, capacity planning, production scheduling/planning, product technical applications and capability, technical sales and marketing support, product development and innovation, engineering drawing, purchasing and/or supply of goods or services for engineering activities, quality control, inspection and e-commerce technologies as required. The requirements are designed to offer stretch and progression. The apprentices will be able to work with minimum supervision, taking responsibility for the quality, accuracy and timely delivery of the work undertaken. Apprentices will be proactive in finding solutions to problems and identifying areas for improving the business.

Specific Specialist Knowledge and Skills

Specific Specialist Knowledge:

  • Ability to understand mathematical techniques, formula and calculations used in a technical support environment
  • Ability to understand the methods and techniques used to evaluate technical data and documentation
  • The apprentice will be required to understand how to identify that the data and documentation being used is current and up to date
  • An understanding of the procedure to be used for making changes to issued documentation
  • Ability to understand where and how to source other areas of technical expertise/information to help solve technical problems
  • Potential to understand the requirements of the customer (internal/external) and support using the appropriate tools, equipment and processes

Specific Specialist Skills:

  • To produce technical documentation that contains all the relevant and necessary data and information required for the technical support activity being carried out
  • The apprentice will be expected to present the technical documentation in the required format
  • The apprentice will ensure that codes, symbols and other references used in the technical documentation follows agreed uk/international conventions
  • To save and store technical documentation in the correct format, location in accordance with organisational and/or customer requirements
  • It is expected that an apprentice will make changes/amendments to the technical documentation using agreed quality assurance control procedures
  • To develop effective business and/or customer relationships
  • To provide technical advice and guidance to others
  • The apprentice will contribute to the business by identifying possible opportunities for improving working practices, processes and/or procedures

Apprentices will also be required to undertake one of the following:

  • Produce engineering/manufacturing production plans
  • ​Obtain resources for engineering/manufacturing activities
  • Obtain and control materials used in engineering/manufacturing environments
  • Implement quality control/assurance systems and procedures in an engineering/manufacturing environment
  • Provide technical support services on products or services to internal and/or external customers
  • Produce documentation to supply or procure goods or services
  • Produce off line programs for computer numerical controlled machines
  • Produce programs for scanning/digitizing or co-ordinate measuring machines
  • Produce programs for programmable logic control equipment
  • Produce programs for industrial robot applications
  • Produce engineering software tools/programs for analysis, quality, configuration management, safety assessments, system security applications
  • Produce engineering drawings/models using computer aided design techniques (such as mechanical, electrical, fabrication, fluid power, integrated systems or services)
  • Undertake complex fault diagnostic and/or condition monitoring activities on equipment, plant or services
  • Carry out inspection activities on equipment/components/systems (such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, welded and fabricated.
  • Check and calibrate control and test equipment used in an engineering and/or manufacturing environment
Mandatory Qualifications
After a period of foundation skills and technical knowledge development all apprentices will be required to achieve the following qualifications:
  • Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Foundation Competence)
After a further period of skills and technical knowledge development all apprentices will be required to achieve the following qualifications:
  • Level 3 Diploma or Extended Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Knowledge)


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