Advanced Milling

Advanced Milling

Course ID: 408    Duration: 5 Days


As an excellent advanced program in practical milling, this course builds on a candidate’s milling experience and introduces them to a number of more complicated milling operations. Instruction takes place in both the classroom and Seta’s state-of-the-art workshop facilities.

This course is designed for those who have an understanding of milling principles and practice or who have attended Course No. 503 - Introduction to Milling.


  • Safety relevant to milling
  • Assessment exercise:- exercise to determine candidate standard
  • Basic milling refresher:- cutting tools, feeds and speeds and coolants
  • Milling operations:- milling faces; slots; vees and angles; tee slots; dovetails
  • Gang/straddle milling
  • Use of dividing heads
  • Drilling and boring to co-ordinates
  • Faults recognition:- guidance on turning faults and means of avoiding them


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